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Coordinating Effective Prenatal Care

Early and consistent prenatal care greatly improves the chances of a healthy pregnancy and birth but disparities in access can increase the risk of pregnancy related complications.


Facilitating Care for Low-Income Mothers

Low-income mothers are disproportionately affected by poor maternal healthcare outcomes...


Maternal Health Innovation: Inspiration from Elephants

It might seem unconventional, but with complex social structures and high emotional intelligence, elephants offer a fascinating glimpse into the natural world's approach to childbirth and maternal care.


Digital Diagnostics and Remote Monitoring for Better Maternal Care

The digital transformation of the 21st Century has shaped more than just our ability to generate ...


The Real Cost of Poor Maternal Healthcare

The US spends more per capita on health care than any other high-income country, yet experiences the highest rates of maternal mortality and morbidity.


Optimizing Outcomes and Reducing Costs for Payers and Health Plans

Almost four million births occur in the US every year, and each one of them is costly. Women who give birth incur $18,865 more additional health costs than women of the same age who do not, and, when insured, it is the payers that cover the majority of this bill ($16,011).