The Maternal Health Ecosystem in One Single Platform

How it Works

Provider EHR Integration

Mother Goose directly initiates and manages patient onboarding upon the scheduling of a patient's first OB appointment, with no action required by the physician.

Mother Goose Platform

Mother Goose coordinates all aspects of patient care, including risk monitoring and intervention, network referrals, cross continuum care management, patient resource support and reporting.

Mother Goose Patient App

Mother Goose
Patient App

Mother Goose Care Management

Mother Goose
Care Management

Our Ecosystem

Our integrated network programs connect mothers with support for every aspect of their pregnancy and for the year following birth, including:

• Mental Health
• Doula
• Nutrition
• Lactation
• Physical Therapist
• Dentist
• Pediatrician
• Domestic Violence

• WIC/Food Pantry
• Support Groups
• Birthing Centers
• Transportation
• SUD Support
• Pharmacies
• Medical Supplies (DME)

Collaborating with providers, or working with patients within the Mother Goose App, Mother Goose Health’s Care Management Team directly coordinates appointments and access to services

Collaborating with providers, or working with patients within the Mother Goose App, Mother Goose Health’s Care Management Team directly coordinates appointments and access to services

Leveraging data analytics and predictive risk modelling, Mother Goose Health assists providers in identifying patients with mental health challenges. Partnering with in-network behavioral health providers, we seamlessly integrate mental health services within the maternity care pathway.

During birth, doula support has been shown to significantly decrease the need for cesarean section, lower preterm birth rates and improve rates of breastfeeding initiation.*

Providing support throughout pregnancy, birth and early motherhood, Doula’s can ease the stress and pressure of organization and decision making, and provide advocacy and support for a birth plan.

Mother Goose Health enables mothers’ access to an expert network of certified doulas to assist with their pregnancy needs.

* ASPE-Doula-Issue-Brief-12-13-22.pdf (

Poor nutrition and excessive weight gain in pregnancy are associated with poor perinatal outcomes including, low birth weight and pre-term birth,* and can impact a mother’s long-term cardiovascular and metabolic health.**

Providing nutritional support early in pregnancy, we support optimal health for both mother and baby by facilitating access to both nutritional advice and local food support services, leveraging health plan benefits for government food provision programs such as WIC and SNAP.

* The importance of nutrition in pregnancy and lactation: lifelong consequences - PMC (
** Gestational weight change in a diverse pregnancy cohort and mortality over 50 years: a prospective observational cohort study - The Lancet

Mom and Baby Shopping

Breastfeeding can help protect both mother and child against certain illnesses and disease, but outside of the birthing setting, breastfeeding rates decline* and additional support is required to facilitate a family’s breastfeeding goals.

Working with in-network of International Board-Certified Lactation Consultants, Mother Goose Health provides access to evidence-based lactation support throughout the entire duration of breastfeeding.

* Breastfeeding Report Card | Breastfeeding | CDC

Mom holding baby

Breast milk provides babies with the perfect amount of nutrients for their growth and development, but sometimes difficulties with lactation can make breast feeding a challenge.

Mother Goose Health provides automated referral for access to breast pumps and lactation equipment, covered by the health plan and delivered directly to the patient’s home, to make the process more manageable.

Mom working whil holding baby

The Platform

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EMR Integration

With cross-continuum EHR integration, the platform unifies the patient care pathway. It provides closed-loop referrals for comprehensive support services, and real time escalation and emergency alert protocols for effective intervention, delivering treatment notes back to providers’ EHR.


We provide live support to mothers via the Mother Goose App, text message, phone and video calls, including reminders for care and appointments, and direct support from our maternal care team to assist with monitoring, education and the creation and delivery of birthing and pediatric plans.


Mother Goose Health’s predictive modeling algorithms and proprietary risk analytics platform, provide individual patient and population level risk analytics. This enables success in value-based care arrangements. Workflow automations and AI powered predictive care models modify the care pathway and optimize outcomes.

Early Detection

Prioritizing early detection and intervention, by addressing racial and socioeconomic disparities and facilitating a continuum of care based on our early risk analytics and individual patient reporting, Mother Goose Health prevents adverse outcomes and lowers costs. Monitoring real-time risk escalation and facilitating effective cross-continuum care, our platform helps to reduce preterm birth and associated NICU stays.

Patient App

Providing 360 degree support, Mother Goose Health’s personalized app directly onboards patients, providing mothers with remote monitoring and health tools, check in and appointment reminders, 24/7 care management team chat and patient specific educational resources. This support facilitates smooth transitions in care, elevating the patient experience, improving appointment attendance and optimizing outcomes.

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