Holistic Care
for Moms

Your trusted companion throughout your pregnancy and beyond

Mother Goose supports you from the moment you discover you are pregnant through the first year postpartum.

Guided by your care manager and supported by our app, Mother Goose Health provides a personalized hub for your pregnancy journey.

24/7 Care team support

single platform maternity solution

early risk detection

Adapting your journey based on your individual needs, we support your pregnancy goals and seamlessly transition your care between healthcare providers.

Bridging the gaps between moms, clinicians, health plans, and secondary providers, Mother Goose Health streamlines your journey for better maternity care, better maternal health management and the best health for you and your baby.

“Mother Goose was a constant companion. I feel so comfortable sharing issues with my care coordinator and I always get the information I need.”


Improve your pregnancy experience

We help you develop a personalized birth plan and provide physician-guided, individualized care. Our integrated platform and closed-loop referral system ensures that all your clinicians are aware of your needs and our interactive patient app enables you to manage all your appointments and concerns from one place.

Improve your pregnancy outcomes

Through ongoing assessment and monitoring of your health during pregnancy, and after delivery, we identify the specific care you need and detect any potential risks early, enabling us to deliver care quickly to resolve any potential challenges. Providing interactive app tools to track your blood pressure, weight, mental health, fetal movement, and experience, we fill the gaps in care to provide comprehensive maternity care.

Improve your pregnancy wellbeing

Alongside extensive guides and resources, our app provides 24/7 care management chat to support your pregnancy and answer any questions you might have. While our OnDemand Network of mental health support, doula services, nutrition and lactation guidance, physical therapy, and pregnancy supplies enable you to access everything you need, when you need it.

Your Pregnancy Journey Starts Here

Tailored exclusively for moms across the United States, our platform ensures that you get the care that you need from your very first Ob/Gyn appointment. We’ll be by your side (and in your pocket) every step of the way:

1. Evidence-Based Care:

Founded and led by an Ob/Gyn, Mother Goose Health platform is designed using evidence-based, research backed care pathways. Our educational content and resources are sourced from highly-regarded, trustworthy organizations to provide you with expert guidance from the moment you discover you are pregnant through the first year of your baby's life.

2. Accessing Local Resources

Utilizing the Mother Goose platform, you’ll be able to discover resources in your local area and leverage your health plan benefits to support you with challenges such as transportation or nutrition.

3. Identifying and Managing Risks

If you’re identified as at-risk for any prenatal conditions, you’ll receive additional education on signs and symptoms. You can track your health within the app, including mental health, blood pressure, fetal movement, labor progression, and weight monitoring. Mother Goose Health partners with your OBGYN to provide timely care and immediate referrals to in-network providers if additional support is required.

4. Accessing Services &
Attending Appointments

Mother Goose Health’s OnDemand Network allows you to schedule appointments with specialist providers such as doulas, lactation consultants, mental health professionals and nutritionists, all within your insurance network, while our app and care coordinators deliver reminders and support for upcoming care.

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