Delivering better maternal and infant
health outcomes at a lower cost

Mother Goose Health’s technology-enabled care management platform unifies the maternal health ecosystem, eliminating racial and socioeconomic disparities, addressing risk, prioritizing early intervention and facilitating access to services

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Providing robust analytics with member and population-based reporting, Mother Goose Health aligns incentives, optimizing pay for performance revenue and increasing patient engagement to lower costs and improve outcomes for health plans and payers

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Users are racial and ethnic minority individuals


Users Identified with Preterm Birth Risk Factors in 1st Trimester


Reduction in Cesarean Delivery Rate vs. National Average


Preterm Birth Rate vs. 10.4% National Average

Value-Based Care Model

Mother Goose health is the first maternity care management platform that encompasses risk-based analytics, remote monitoring and clinical support. Providing the infrastructure needed for success in value-based care models.

Ongoing Risk Detection

80% of the costs associated with adverse pregnancy outcomes stem from a failure to identify women as high risk during their first trimester. Mother Goose Health’s commitment to early intervention, using real time, rising risk detection, has proven to reduce preterm birth and associated NICU stays.

Underserved Populations

Dedicated to improving outcomes for underserved populations, Mother Goose Health delivers personalized care to address the unique needs of individual populations at scale.  

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How it Works

Integrated across provider and payer systems, and paired with a patient facing application for remote monitoring and support, Mother Goose Health ensures mothers timely access to the best care throughout their pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey

Evidence-Based Care:

Designed by OB/GYNs and utilizing proven clinical models, we leverage data analytics and predictive risk modelling to identify medical risks early, unify communication, and expedite the delivery of evidence-based clinical care

Data and Analytics:

Our predictive modeling algorithms, based on multi-source data insights and including risk analytics, identify opportunities at both patient and population levels to modify care pathways and optimize outcomes

Integrated Provider Network:

Seamless integration with community OB/GYN, Primary Care and Pediatric providers, supports timely interventions, effective transitions of care and cross-continuum care coordination

Closed Loop Referrals:

Mother Goose Health's closed-loop referral system is integrated with providers’ EHR systems, providing bi-directional data to ensure patient’s needs are met in a seamless delivery of care

Missed Appointment Management:

Mother Goose Health tracks missed appointments, encourages care plan compliance, and collaborates with providers to enhance patient support

Increased Engagement:

Mother Goose Health enhances patient engagement and satisfaction, leading to improved visit attendance and decreased network leakage

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