February 26, 2024

The Three P's of Maternal Healthcare

380,000 preterm births occur in the US each year, incurring costs of at least $25.2 billion. Meanwhile the national C-section rate, at 32%, starkly exceeds the 15-19% optimal range suggested by global studies, and rates of maternal mortality continue to rise, with startling disparities based on race and ethnicity.

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Yet despite the recognized need for a “continuum approach” to maternal care to ensure that high-quality care is delivered throughout pregnancy, birth, and the year after birth, maternal healthcare systems continue to fragment services in uneven distribution across the US.

In meeting the complex needs of women throughout the phases of pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum, comprehensive care and support is required from an array of healthcare providers, community-based resources, and health plan care management teams.  However, the absence of seamless integration of patient data and reporting across these diverse teams hinders the attainment of a comprehensive overview essential for understanding an individual’s maternity care journey.  This integration gap compromises the ability to implement necessary interventions and deliver optimal care.  

Four in five maternal deaths in the U.S could be prevented if women were given greater, more timely access to appropriate care, earlier and more accurate diagnosis, and if both providers and patients were better able to recognize the warning signs of potential complications.

If we are to overcome our maternal health crisis, we must forge a collaborative alliance among patients, providers, payors, and community-based resources.  This unity should strive for seamless coordination of care, creating a continuum that adeptly recognizes and addresses potential risks. Moreover, this approach should expedite access to appropriate services precisely when they are needed.

Mother Goose Health’s technology-enabled care management platform unifies the maternal health ecosystem, addressing racial and socioeconomic disparities, addressing risk, prioritizing early intervention, educating patients and facilitating access to services to align incentives and optimize outcomes.

Prioritizing Patients

Mother Goose Health is dedicated to supporting individuals in their distinct healthcare journey, providing a comprehensive maternity platform designed to tailor care to each user’s specific needs and preferences from pregnancy through the first year post-delivery.

Providing mothers with remote monitoring and health tools, 24/7 in-app chat, appointment reminders and patient specific educational resources, Mother Goose Health’s proprietary application tracks real time risk and enhances patient engagement. While Mother Goose Health’s dedicated care management team can collaborate with providers as needed, to enable closed loop referrals in a coordinated delivery of care.

By emphasizing early intervention, addressing health-related social needs, and facilitating a continuum of care, we help to prevent adverse outcomes.

Enabling Providers

Providers play a crucial role in influencing maternal health outcomes. However, workforce shortages, access to care, and a fragmented healthcare system are just a few of the challenges providers face in their efforts to do so.  

Mother Goose Health seamlessly integrates with providers Electronic Health Record (EHR).  Automated workflows and bi-directional integration enable proactive care through rising-risk detection, dynamic, evidence-based care pathways, and cross-continuum care coordination.

Our single system is designed to support healthcare providers through two-way Electronic Health Record (EHR) integration, eliminating the need for providers to log in to a separate system. This streamlined approach simplifies the process of connecting patients to crucial services such as nutrition, mental health care and breastfeeding. Mother Goose Health then ensures that all issues, risks, and referrals are seamlessly incorporated into the patient record. This unification of efforts between care management and providers aims to enhance communications, provide effective oversight and streamline the decision-making process for improved patient care.

The sustained engagement of patients also enables providers to enhance the care experience. Mother Goose Health’s advanced analytics, coupled with validated impact, not only optimize pay-for-performance revenue but facilitates the delivery of value-based care. This strategic approach not only enhances quality of care, but also contributes to increased revenue for healthcare providers.

Supporting Payors

A significant proportion of the costs associated with adverse pregnancy outcomes is connected to women who were not identified as high risk during their first trimester. Mother Goose Health monitors real time risk, detects rising risk and supports early intervention and effective cross-continuum care coordination, proven to reduce pre-term birth and associated NICU stays.

The first tech-enabled maternity care management platform to unify maternity care, encompass risk based analytics, and member and population-based reporting, Mother Goose Health aligns incentives, optimizing pay for performance revenue and increasing member engagement. By enabling proactive care and improving care coordination,, we can reduce adverse events, lowering associated costs and improving patient outcomes.

A Unified Approach

In this collaborative ecosystem, Mother Goose Health ensures that patients have seamless access to vital services, providers are able to deliver the utmost in quality patient care and payors can optimize patient outcomes, which not only enhances the quality of life for mothers but also signifies a transformative shift towards a more integrated, responsive, and personalized model of maternity care.